2010 Foals
We only bred for one foal in 2010 due to the slow market.  This foal was bred
as a possible replacement for a foal that a customer lost (broken leg). We
understand the investment one has into a foal and in such an event that a
tragedy strikes, we will work with the customer to get an acceptable
replacement foal.  In this case, we asked the customer to pay a small amount
that helped offset our expenses such as vitamins and grain that the mare
needed to insure a healthy colt.  The customer thought that we were willing
to give them the foal for free-no money involved which we found was
unreasonable expectations.  As the pictures are proof, this was an
exceptional show prospect and his new owner was ecstatic to have the
opportunity to purchase him.
King of Hustlers
Sire: King of Broken Hearts                  4-20-2010                  Dam:  Mye Hustling Hart
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