2011 Foals
Foals by The King of Angels, 2006 Chestnut Fewspot
Bailey - Dark bay colt, born 4-27-11, lacy hip blanket, one hind
sock. Dam is All In Cherries (Awestruck x Cherry Koy).  
Bailey is a first foal for his dam but his pedigree is power
packed!  Mighty Bright3x (top & bottom ), Prince David,
Prince's Mac, Prince Edward, Nugget Jim, Goer, Kelo's
Connection, and Spittin' Image. Bailey may only mature to
about 14.2 hands and could possibly be cross-registered to
POAs.  If you want an affordable show pony, he could be your
           Sold to Ra Chelle Kettner of Fairfield, WA!
Harley - Chestnut near leopard colt, born 4-28-11, white to neck,
spots showing on face, spots throughout.  Dam: Gran Dotter
(Vigilante's Justice x Sheza Night Shadow). Harley is a first time
foal for his dam. If you love the laid back, good natured, willing to
do it all type of horse, Harley could be what you are looking for with
his outstanding Prince Plaudit bloodlines such as Prince David,
Prince Valiant, Prince Edward, Prince's Mac and we'll even thrown
in some Mighty Bright for good measure.  Dam is a half sister to
our senior stallion, King of Broken Hearts. Harley may be possible
to cross register to POA as we think he may only mature to about
14.2 hands.
               Sold to Julie Copley of Sandpoint, ID!
A Crystal Encounter  "Crystal" born 4-30-11 out of
Encounter This (Encountered-AQHA x Charlee TR).
Pure chestnut leopard filly, spots all over, blaze,
stockings.  Definitely has that "WOW" factor to her,
well defined muscles, this little lady will be headed for
the futurities!  She has what it takes to go to the top
of her class.  This is a first class cross.  Her bloodlines
include such greats as Prince Charles, Mighty Bright,
Nugget Jim, Navajo Britches  and AQHA lines of In
Conclusion, Mr. GQ, Doc Bar, and Skipper
        Sold to Pam Bazemore, Newman Lake, WA
Foals by King of Broken Hearts, 2003 Chestnut Leopard
"Roxanne" - Chestnut near leopard filly born 4-23-11.  Dam:
Valacy.  (Victereo x Shez Shur Shy)  This is a strong leopard to
leopard breeding featuring some of the finest Prince Plaudit
lines, the most versatile line in the world of Appaloosas.  Foals
from this mare nearly always become show champions and this
filly will prove no exception.  She is capable of holding her
own in both halter and riding classes.  Then later on breed her
to anything you want and you will get color!  Awesome
bloodlines of Prince David, Prince's Mac, Prince Edward,
Mighty Bright, Roman Britches K, Roman Jet, Hayes Roman
Cloud, Double Bid and many more!!  Sure fire
  Sold to Rick Bazemore, Newman Lake, WA
Uniquely Dun (pending) "May" born 5-2-11.  Chestnut
leopard filly  Dam: Dun By David (Convincer x Field of Stars)  
Finally!  This lady is destined for great things to come her
way. She will excel in those pleasure classes! Dam has
points in halter and HIH.  Look at these bloodlines! Prince
David 2x, Prince Edward2x, Prince Charles, Prince's Mac,
Mighty Bright2x, Skipper W, Convincer, Car Gill and Red
Eagle's Peacock.  You'll hit the jackpot with this one!
Dun By David
Encounter This
Gran Dotter
Sold to Michelle Binder of Spokane, WA
All In Cherries
Summer of 2013
Early spring 2014