2017 Foals
This will be our last year of offering a large selection of foals as we prepare for retirement.  It is our intention to have
one foal a year by one of our three stallions. They will remain available to the public for breeding. If foals are not
sold within 30 days of birth, they will be become subject for sale alongside their dams as a 2-n-1 or 3-n-1 package.
Foals will be offered on a show contract individually.  If you feel that a show contract is right for you, please click
here to view a sample. Show contracts are designed to help get our foals into the showring to promote their sire.  
Our first year of offering contracts showed some glitches that a few took advantage of and therefore, revisions had
to be made.  We are happy to help you promote your foal in whatever way we can.  Our foals are offered on a
deposit hold until they are weaned.  If you are interested in one of our foals, we will gladly place a 24 hour hold only
in order to receive your deposit.  We accept paypal, cash, cashier's checks.money orders and personal checks.  
Please do not ask if our foals are 5-panel tested.  Our stallions are 5-panel N/N and we are in the process of testing
the mares.  The mares below will have notations as to their 5-panel test.  If you are wanting a 5-panel test to be
performed on a foal, it is your responsibility to do so.  If the foal fails it, you will be reimbursed for the test.
"Genuine Diva" 4-2-17 by The
King of Angels out of All In
Cherries. Beautiful near
leopard bay filly.5-panel N/N by
parentage. SOLD TO
"Savvy By Design" 4-9-17 Bay blanket
colt, first son by Broker's Design out of
"The King of Hearts" born
3-26-17 by The King of Angels
out of Mistress of Hearts. 5-panel
N/N  by parentage another
beautiful black and white leopard
from this cross. 94% FPD! SOLD
"Blue Eyed By Design"
4-15-17 black colt with all
the chrome by Broker's
Design out of Sheza
Night Shadow. H
National Points in Halter
Geldings, Youth
Geldings, Youth Most
Colorful and Open Most
Colorful   SOLD
"Dixie By Design" 4-11-17 First
daughter of Broker's Design out of
Dun By David. 5-panel N/N
First ApHC show: 1st, 2nd Jr.
"Silver" 4-29-18 Grulla colt by Broker's
Design out of Broker's Zanadu
5-panel N/N.  SOLD TO IDAHO
"Smooth By Design"
4-18-17 by Broker's
Design out of Seductively
Smooth.  Consistently
winning in the show ring in
2018 both open and ApHC.
"Genuine By Design" 4-21-17
by Broker's Design out of
Genuine Angel red leopard
colt. 5-panel N/N
What a surprise this one was
all the way around. SOLD TO