2018 Foals
With a planned vacation in April and the fact that we had a large crop of foals in 2017 with no way of
knowing that our foal crop would be in hot demand, we had elected to keep our 2018 foal crop light, in fact,
only breeding one mare.  Little did we know while we were on vacation last year, Broker's Design had gotten
out and apparently bred a mare over the fence.  Not a normal occurance but in this case it worked as we had a
client who really wanted a foal out of that particular mare.
"Skipped By Design", 4-29-18 bay colt
with all the chrome by Broker's Design
out of Encounter This.  Despite lack of
color, this colt is dynamic. 5-panel N/N
by parentage. He is available for sale.
"Rah Rah" 6-25-18 red leopard colt by
Broker's Design out of Seductively Smooth.
His new mom was estatic that he was
everything she wanted.  Sadly though Rah
Rah passed away at 4 days old due to
summer pnuemonia, we had unseasonally
cool nights.
Black and white colt by The King of
Angels out of Broker's Zanadu. Owned by
Robin Shelman Harriman.  He is for sale.
Contact Robin on Facebook. This kid will
have some unique coloring.