5/1/1983 to 4/14/2007
The story behind the picture - right after we had
purchased Mighty David (right), we took this
promotional shot.  What one doesn't see is all the
mares surrounding him. With him being a stallion
and not knowing what to expect, we had people
stationed around him in case he got loose from our
3 yr. old son, Jeremiah. Well, the camera jammed
and everyone went there to see what was wrong.
During that time, Jeremiah lost his balance and fell
off the rock. He had been sternly instructed not to let go of David. Despite pressure of the stud chain under his chin, David raised his head causing
Jeremiah to tangle in midair just below David's nose. We all froze in fear watching but David never wavered from his stance with a look on his face
as if to say "Does someone want to rescue this kid?"  This picture was taken after this incident.
Mighty David was bred by Dave and Kim Utke of Sheldak Ranch, Sheldon, North Dakota on May 1, 1983. He was purchased
by Goffenas Appaloosas of Roundup, MT as a four month old weanling. They used him as a stallion for the first seven years
of  his life, then sold him to George and Jaci Slater of Powell, WY who owned him for two years before we purchased him
while on vacation there.  He made the trip to Perris, California in September of 1992. David's gentle disposition soon won us
over and we felt fortunate to have bought him.

Mighty David had approximately 20 foal crops numbering just a little over 100 foals all total. Many of his get has handled
anything from ranch work in Montana to the show ring throughout the western region. His grand-get have been popular with
the Hispanics and Goffena Appaloosas has exported quite a number of his grandget to Mexico.

David reigned as the foundation cornerstone stallion of Hidden Eagle Ranch/Vision Quest Ranch from 1993 to his death in
2007. His last foal, The King of Angels, was born in 2006. The painful decision to have him humanely put down due to
arthestis was hard but we had made a promise to remain by his side to the very end. We kept that promise and he was laid to
rest in close proximity of his beloved mares on Vision Quest Ranch. Many of the ranch's horses trace back to him today.
Mighty David at age 21,
Mighty David at age 22
Mighty David, October, 1993
Some of Mighty David's Foals
Some of Mighty David's Grand Get