Terms and Conditions of Sales:
* If a potential buyer contacts us interested in a particular foal out of a particular mare, a reserve will be put
in place and the foal will not be shown to the public until the buyer has determined whether they want to
purchase said foal or not.  They will have up to five days to make a final decision and get a 25%
non-refundable deposit to us.  If conditions are not met within that time frame, the foal will be released for
public sale and buyer loses their position on said foal.  Buyer may still make the purchase if no one else
places a sale before then and deposit is received by VQR.

If more than one person wants a particular foal, then the hold time for deposit shall be reduced to 3 days so
not to lose on potential sales. In view of modern day payment methods (paypal, facebook pay, credit card,
bank to bank wires), a deposit should be feasible to be received within allocated time.  Once foal is released
for public sale, then first person to contact ranch either via phone or social media shall have opportunity to
purchase said foal.  Ranch reserves the right to return any deposit that is less than 25% or return a deposit
after said time frame has been exceeded and next potential buyer is contacted.

*On occasion, arrangements may be made for a foal to remain longer at VQR after weaning. (i.e. winter
boarding).  Such arrangements will only be acknowledged by contract.  Foal is expected to be paid in full
within 30 days after weaning  unless other prior arrangements are agreed to in writing.  Nominal board will
be charged and is due and payable on the 1st of each month.  Failure to pay board in a timely manner will
result in a forfeit of the sale and all monies paid to date.  New owner is responsible for any vet and farrier
work performed while foal is at VQR during such time.  All charges must be paid in full before foal leaves
ranch and papers are transferred.

*Buyer is responsible for the transfer and associated costs of registration papers into buyer's name. VQR is
responsible for insuring registration papers are delivered to buyer within two weeks after purchase with the
exception if papers are still in process at ApHC.

*Where the parents have been 5-panel verified, seller will not provide a 5-panel on foal.  Upon request,
VQR will provide written results of the parents of their 5-panel testing.

*VQR makes no representation as to the buyer's intended purpose for said horse.

*Buyer is responsible for all related vet expenses related to the transport of said horse (i.e. Coggins, health
certificate, brand inspection). VQR will provide assistance in obtaining such paperwork.

*VQR will provide delivery of said horse within a 250 mile radius for a nominal fee if requested.

All foals/horses must be paid for in full before leaving the ranch.  If you do not have the balance, please do
not assume that we will take words in good faith and then pay when/if/will at a later date.  Please do not ask
if we will accept balance at time we deliver a foal. If foal is not paid in full at time of leaving the ranch,
delivery will be delayed and board could apply.  

Our interest and ownership remains in the foal and applicable registration papers until all money is paid.
In order to preserve future friendships, we have to establish conditions of our sales. To many
times in the past, we have tried our best to work with potential owners and sometimes, we are
taken advantage of and have lost money.  Please read the below terms and conditions
pertaining to the sale of our horses.