About Us
Vision Quest Ranch was originally formed as Hidden Eagle Ranch located in Perris, California in 1992. Aptly named for the
difficulty of locating the ranch and for a pair of beautiful golden eagles that was in residence on the ranch, the ranch was started
with four Appaloosa mares, Smoother Move, Moon's Apogee, Chet's Dividend and Arapafawn.  Unable to locate a stallion who
had the traits they wanted, Stan "Gruff" and Darlene Neisess went looking for a stallion prospect.  While on vacation in Powell,
Wyoming, they went to look at a brightly colored leopard colt named Almighty Budd by
Mighty David out of Poco Bar Mount.
While Budd was of great quality, Gruff didn't like leopards and so a deal was made to purchase Mighty David instead along with
a daughter of his.

Mighty David reigned as the senior stallion from 1992 to his death in 2007. Originally bred by Sheldak Ranch of Sheldon, ND in
1983, Mighty David was by
King David out of an own daughter of Mighty Bright. He had a well established foal record in
Wyoming and Montana.  The Neisess' soon learned that they could not have had a better partner who patiently taught them the
ropes of a breeding operation.  His foals were stamped with generation after generation inherited qualities such as versatility,
disposition and conformation. His greatest get was perhaps the very colt that the Neisess' did not purchase, Almighty Budd who
became one of the exceptionally few in Appaloosa history to achieve the coveted title of Supreme Versatility Youth Champion.  
Other get included Ima Dandy Miss, Montana State Champion, A Desire For Candy, Calizona's 1995 Year End Regional
Yearling Halter Mare, Dazzle Me Bright, Calizona's 1995 Year End Most Colorful and Suitability for Dressage Stallion as well a
World Qualifer in Suitability for Dressage and Mighty Spicy Cookie, Calizona's 1995 Year End Regional Youth Mare Champion.
After Gruff retired from the Marine Corps., the ranch was relocated to Fairfield, Washington and renamed "Vision Quest
Ranch.  The new ranch consisted of 55 acres in which 20 acres was planted in alfalfa to supplement the feed bill.  The mares
roam on 35 acres of pasture. Facilities include a 36' x 48' 6-stall barn complete with two foaling stalls and recently in 2008, a
64' x 60' barn has been installed.  With the versatility of the new barn, it will house 10 horses on a permanent basis and
allowing horses to be either worked in an indoor round pen or house 10 additional horses in severe inclement weather.
Darlene stays active with the Palouse Empire
ApHC and participates regularly on the local
show circuit around Washington.  Currently
as of 2016, the ranch is home to three
stallions, the reigning stallion, a 2006 fewspot
son of Mighty David; 2013 black and white
Broker's Design  and a beautiful dark bay
leopard, The Color Broker
Mighty Spicy Cookie
shown with owner, Michelle
Gruff cutting the alfalfa
Overview of the ranch in
Some of VQR's mares on pasture
60 x 64 Barn added on 2008