For Sale
Please feel free to contact us on any of the horses that we have
for sale.  Prices are subject to change with additional training.

Buyers are responsible for all fees related to transport including
any required health certificates, Coggins and brand inspections.
We will definitely be happy to work with buyers to procure these
items and find the best transport fees possible.  Local NW delivery
is possible by the ranch for a nominal fee.
(From time to time, we will be listing horses for sale.  We will put a price on most
of our horses so should you see one that interests you, please feel free to inquire.
In the event that we do not have one to your liking, please feel free to provide us
your details as to what you are looking for and price range. We will be happy to
network to help you get the Appaloosa of your dreams. We will not post your price
range and will send any your way that meets your critieria)
"The Color Master" born 5-22-2019. First son of The Color Broker out of
Mye Hustling Hart, an outstanding daughter of Malendrino.  This colt was
born to show and we would prefer to see him go to a show home. He is
world quality.  Plus homogyzous for color.  Only reason being offered for
sale is that we have three stallions, have no need for a fourth one. 5-panel
N/N. He is Ee/AA, LP/LP, n/PATN.  Would love to get a partnership on him
so he can be promoted.  Will sell with or without a stallion contract.  
Currently priced at $4,500 (or $3,500 and we retain two future breedings)
Mye Hustling Hart
The Color Broker
We are pleased to annouce a
partnership has been created with
Kimberly Luanne Lopez of
Riverside, California.  Watch for his
debut in the show pen in 2021!