Our Ladies
Encounter This - 2001, chesnut leopard, 15.0 hands.
Encountered (AQHA) x Charlee's TR. Nat'l Points in  
Lunge Line. Double bred Prince Charles combined
with some of the best AQHA lines there is.  Confirmed
in foal to Broker's Design for 2021. Sold.
Dun By David - 15.1 hands Mighty David x Field of Stars.  Another
good Mighty David daughter out of a daughter of Convincer. Dam
is half sister to such greats as Totally Arrogant, JB's Persuader,
and Georgia Strait. Sugar has nat'l points in HIH. Goes back to
Prince Plaudit through Prince Charles, Prince Edward, Prince
Edward and Prince David with a good measure of Mighty Bright
thrown in.  5-panel N/N

Open for 2021.
All In Cherries  is a 2007 mare by Awestruck out of one
of Sheldak Ranch's top producing mares, Cherry
.Despite a horrific accident that Cherie had as a
weanling, we feel fortunate to have such an outstanding
young mare with impeccable breeding. She is
homogyzous for bays!  Bred to The Color Broker for a
March, 2021 foal.
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Mistress of Hearts - 2009 dark bay, 15.1 hands. Sire:
King of BrokenHearts Dam: Ima Storm Shadow.   Full
of rich Plaudit lines including Prince David, Prince's
Mac, Prince Edward and Prince Valant.  5-Panel N/N
Confirmed in foal to The Color Broker for a March,
2021 foal.
Genuine Angel - 2013 dark bay fewcap
mare by The King of Angels out of All
In Cherries. Strong lines of Prince
Plaudit and Mighty Bright lines
(including Mighty Tim). 5-panel N/N
Open for 2021
Our breeding program consists of appaloosa mares, most which go back to Prince Plaudit through the lines of Prince David, Prince's Mac, Prince
Edward, Prince Vallant and Prince Charles (Prince Charles was the profilic son that Carl Miles had chosen to replace Prince Plaudit should
something have happened).  In addtiion, other great lines such as Mighty Bright, Bright Eyes Brother, Nugget Jim, and Joker B have also been

In 2017, we saw one of our most amazing years with the sales of our foals.  Our sale terms are 25% down non-refundable deposit, payments are
accepted through weanling.  Should more than one person desire the same foal (a situation that we saw several times over in 2017), the first
person who contacts us
and sends the deposit within 24 hrs. via paypal or wire transfer is the designated buyer of that foal.  We have
unfortunately lost too many sales in the past waiting on deposits to arrive that never do.  From time to time, we have people contact us in advance
wanting a foal from a particular mare and in those cases, we consider that foal to be "reserved" for that potential buyer who has one week to get a
deposit to us before the foal is officially released for sale to the public.   Click here for
Additional Terms and Conditions of sales
First foal by Broker's Design as a 3 year old
H E R Satin Angel -2000 daughter of Mighty David out of
Smoother Move. One of the last remaining mares from our
breeding program in California has returned to the ranch to live
out her life.  This beautiful mare has been on heck of a roller
coaster adventure after we sold her in 2014. Strong lines of
Prince Plaudit including Prince David and Prince Valant with
some great older lines such as Joker B and Red Eagle's
Peacock. Confirmed in foal to Broker's Design for a April, 2021
Shez Sunset Dreamin - 2012 bay mare by Sunset
Dreaming out of Sheza Night Shadow. 5-panel N/N.
Homogyzous for bay.  A very nicely bred mare
going back to Prince David, Prince Vallant,
Absarkee Sunset, Dreamfinder, Romans

Open for 2021