Our Mission
Having grown up in the Prince Plaudit era and being a long time admirer of spots, it was
decided at the time we started our breeding operation in 1990 to concentrate on the Prince
Plaudit bloodlines.  Other than our first Appaloosa mare, Smoother Move, a granddaughter
of Prince Chicaro (x Prince Charles), most of our earlier stock did not obtain the Prince
Plaudit lines but after the acquisition of Mighty David (grandson of Prince David) and
learning to value the outstanding disposition that he passed on, we quickly came to realize
that many qualities that we saw in "David" were inherited through many generations.  

While showing in the early 1990s, we were often frustrated that our foals were often smaller
than others being shown but after a time, we came to realize that our foals were not
breaking down later in life like many others we had to witness. We also found out that
Prince Plaudit bred horses were among some of the most versatile in the nation and many a
top winning Appaloosa often traced back to Prince Plaudit.

Today, we select stallions and mares who trace back to Prince Plaudit.  Our lines include
Prince David, Prince Charles, Prince Mac, Prince Valient and Prince Edward. Many of our
foals trace back to these lines several times over. Their versatility and disposition is the
backbone of our program and they have been found from the showring to being a steady
beloved trail horse.

Click here to view which of our current 2008 residents trace back to this great sire
1995 - School Educational day at Camp Pendleton. The intermingling of school kids with
direct contact shows the versatility of Appaloosas (Left - Smoother Move with her 1995 3
month old filly by Mighty David. Right-Ima Storm Shadow as a yearling)
While at the 2008 Ride The West Expo in
Spokane, WA, this young fan fell in love with
Joey (King of Broken Hearts) after losing
her beloved Appaloosa. With Joey's
extreme gentle disposition, we allowed her
to ride him back to the barn area.
Arapafawn, one of the original Appaloosas of
Hidden Eagle Ranch, Perris, CA w/ daughter,