"Royal Color Master"
On May 3, 2013 after a somewhat disappointing lack of color year, our maiden mare, Mistress
of Hearts whose sire was our senior stallion, King of Broken Hearts delivered into our arms a
gorgeous black leopard colt by The King of Angels. He is everything we breed for and
exemplifies both of our stallions.  We had so many offers of people wanting to buy him, it has
made our heads swim.  Royal Color Master (aka "Scooter") is registered with ApHC FPD
program at 90%. His maternal granddam, Ima Storm Shadow, is the foundation mare and is
paternal grandsire, Mighty David, is the foundation stallion of our ranch.
(After a very hard decision based on the relationship that this beautiful stallion to our mares,
we made the decision to sell him.  He now resides at Nine-O Guest Ranch in Gallatin
Gateway, Montana)
5/14/2013 - Two weeks old
UC Davis has verified that Scooter is E/e
(Left and above - 2015)
Additional pictures