To breed or not to breed?

With the current economy such as it is, I am getting more questions in regards of whether to breed or not.  
Here is some simple suggestions to consider:

You have to look at the reason as to why you want to breed in the first place.  

1) Is it to just get a cute wobbly foal?  

2) Is it to get a foal that you can eventually resell?

3) Is it for a foal that will replace your lifelong friend?

The first question merits no answer.  Only a beginner around horses explores that option and generally
doesn't care or follows no set idea of why they want to breed.  It doesn't matter whether the sire or dam is
registered, defects in genetics, etc....

The second question is a little tougher.  Do you have a market to resell that foal?  Depending on the
discipline, you may have to keep that foal until it's 2 or 3 years old before being able to sell it.  From the
moment a foal hits the ground, you start losing money in general.  Raising a foal to full potential takes some
expense.  Do you have the adequate means to support that foal until such time?

The third question is easy.  If you plan on making a lifelong commitment to that foal or have personal plans
for it's use, then yes, breed your mare as you are following a sound commitment plan.  A friend was
reluctant to breed her paint mare to a well known stallion in Texas because of the market.  I asked her what
they had planned to do with the foal. Her husband wanted to get into reining.  I encouraged them to move
forth with their plans because they had a purpose for that foal to come.

Realize that there is a downside to the market and whereas we breeders were once getting our foal crops
sold quite easily, it's becoming a struggle.  Sometimes as I look at other breeder's large foal crops and I
inquire as to a price, I still stagger at the prices they want and all I can say is that I honestly hope that they
get them.  A year later these foals are still for sale.  We do not breed just to be breeding so that we will
become overwhelmed with horses.  We prefer to have our prior crops sold before breeding for more.